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MCM Development and User Workshops

The first MCM developer and user workshop was held at the University of Leeds on the 2nd/3rd of December 2004

Some highlights of this meeting are available in the following presentations:

Workshop Programme

The History of the MCM

A detailed overview of the history of the MCM and the construction of the protocols by Mike Jenkin.

Gas-phase mechanism development

An overview of recent and future gas-phase mechanism development of the MCM by Andrew Rickard.

SOA mechanism development

Development of secondary organic aerosol code for the MCM by David Johnson.

Mechanism Reduction

Using automated techniques to generate reduced MCM mechanisms by Louise Whitehouse.

CRI mechanism development

Development of the Common Reactive Intermediates mechanism by Mike Jenkin.

Validation of MCM using chamber data

Evaluation of MCMv3 using SAPRC data by Paulo de Pinho.

Evaluation of MCM aromatic mechanisms

Evaluation of aromatic schemes and uncertainty analysis by Mike Pilling.

Development of the MCM website

Presentations on the development of the MCM Website
  1. MCM website redesign and the underlying technology; Stephen Pascoe, Andrew Rickard and Louise Whitehouse.
  2. Integrating chemical kinetic data on the web. A presentation on the MCM-IUPAC Knowledge transfer project presented by Stephen Pascoe at the UK eScience All Hands Meeting 2008.

Modelling studies using the MCM

Presentations on trajectory modelling during the TORCH campaign by Steve Utembe and box modelling of night-time chemistry by Roberto Sommariva.

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